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The Owl English Corner

Hi, I’m Karyme and would like to introduce you to my Language School via Skype.

The Owl English Corner has more than 15 years of experience offering online English classes. We have obtained excellent results in Europe, and more recently in South America.

If you want to speak English correctly and in a short time, this is for you.

My 18 years of experience as a language teacher allowed me to create an exclusive methodology enabling you to express yourself in English quickly and with the appropriate pronunciation.


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With this exclusive method of THE OWL ENGLISH CORNER you will be introduced to teachers from different parts of the world to get used to hearing and understanding the various accents from different English countries. This will allow you to develop both your speaking skills and your pronunciation in less time and with fluency.

Our methodology is completely personalized: lessons and materials are designed exclusively for you. By means of a previous evaluation, we outline lesson plans according to your needs, objectives and requirements integrating pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and English language conversation.



It is proven that you learn in less than half time via Skype than in a classroom (face-to-face/in-person). These type of lessons force you to communicate in English from the first class because teachers are forbidden to speak in other languages.

In addition you can take advantage of the time saved by not being in a classroom with several students. You can have your lessons in your home, office or at any other place and at the time you prefer, saving you both time and money.


They are highly qualified, professional, and multidisciplinary native teachers (North American – US, British, Canadian, Australian, South African) with different profiles: Business English, General English, Conversational, English Exams among others.

It’s our high level of professionalism and technical preparation that is valued by our students and distinguishes us from other schools.


  • General English
  • Conversational English
  • Business English
  • English Exams

We also have a large amount of material and specialised software to develop the different skills that are required for the main exams and certifications such as: PET, KET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC, BULATS, GMAT, GRE, CELTA, LCCI, etc.


  • Due to my work it was urgent to learn English. Fortunately I found The Owl English Corner, talked to Karyme who explained me her methodology and her quick results, plus her many years of experience. So I realised that was what I was looking for. And the classes by internet are perfect because I save time on commuting. When I started, I was not able to express any complete sentence in English. Now I have an upper intermediate level of English that allows me to understand, to talk with my customers, to write emails without any problem. I recommend The Owl English Corner because their teachers follow a lesson plan tailored to me and reinforce this with good materials to learn faster. Guest Teachers method helped me to understand different accents and ways of speaking. This has helped me tremendously since I usually interact with clients of different nationalities.

    Rubén Sierra (Spain), 30 years old, Electronic Engineer.

  • After several years trying to improve my never ending English level of school, to spend time and money in private lessons, academies, and teachers by Skype, I almost lost the hope of ever being comfortable with English. But two years ago thanks to The Owl English Corner, I realized that I was not the problem -as I thought-, but I had not found the correct methodology and the right teachers. By meeting Karyme I realized the professionalism and dedication which she leads her school with, her exclusive methodology, her personalized lessons, diverse didactic and educational material which are unique! I wait with great expectation my lessons with the Guest Teachers because they are always very pleasant and fun. I enjoy them very much! In general each teacher is exceptional and they have helped me to reach my objectives in a very short time.

    Raquel Martin Quirce (Spain), 43 years old, General Manager

  • The most important thing is that in The Owl English Corner they know how to teach you English as it were your mother tongue. They use a unique methodology reinforced with very good didactic materials. Their eyes and ears are used 100%. They pay much attention to the pronunciation explaining you your lips position, how it has to sound and they are extremely patient with it. This transmits to the student a way of learning English in the most natural way possible. Now I understand the British accent that was very difficult to me before. I am always very excited when we focus on pronunciation. They also taught me alternative and common expressions that help me to understand the native British English. Now I can talk with a higher English level which helps to understand different topics.

    Olivia Barjas (México), 30 years old, Engineer

  • Tired of spending 6 years in an English school where they gave me a lot of grammar and vocabulary that I could not even practice talking in class because there were others who spoke more than me. So I decided to look for other teaching options and I met Karyme several years ago. I was struck by how detailed she is in the service she offers and her professionalism. Thus I started with her without hesitation. Moreover Skype lessons seemed to me the most comfortable way of learning. A year ago I left the classes due to maternity. But when I returned, I was pleased to see that Karyme now leads the Owl English Corner with greater impetus offering more schedules, more services and her Guest Teachers method is an outstanding success. With this method you can listen different accents and learn from different ways of speaking because you interact with different teachers. My husband says now people can understand me when I speak English!

    Maite Ceballos (Spain - Andalucia), 31 years old, Chemical Production Engineer

  • I was offered a good opportunity to work abroad but I did not know English and the worst thing was that I did not have much time to learn it. So I decided to try The Owl English Corner and its methodology that promises to make me speak in a short time. Just what I needed and it was like that! So, what I learned allowed me to understand and to communicate in order to work. As time goes by I continue improving. Now I can have a conversation without any problem. Thank you for the excellent service I have received and definitely this has given me bigger confidence at personal and professional level.

    Fabio Piovesan (Italy), 39 years old, Engineer


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The Owl English Corner